At a time when San Franciscans need it the most, Mobilize Love (@mobilizelove) has created an innovative solution to serve those who are most vulnerable. As the first & only non-profit food truck in the Bay Area, Mobilize Love is responding by distributing tens of thousands of free meals across the city.

Mobilize Love is on the frontlines of the COVID-19 battle, deployed to serve people right where the need is. COVID-19 means that many families are not able to eat. So Mobilize Love is putting themselves in harm’s way so that families don’t have to. This especially important for low-income families, senior citizens, immigrant families, and the unemployed. Who are increasingly unable to afford their next meal.

“When the Coronavirus hit San Francisco, we decided we weren’t going to shrink back. We knew we needed to get involved. It was a matter of life or death for the people we serve,” said Mobilize Love founder Christian Huang. “We are realizing more and more, this is exactly why we exist. We exist to show up and give hope.”

Although the greatest act of love is staying inside to flatten the curve. People can still participate in frontline efforts to serve others through giving. Today, Mobilize Love launches a Coronavirus Response Fund so that families do not go hungry.

Just $3 will provide a free hot meal. $40 provides 100 to-go meals, $390 deploys our food truck to feed 130 people, & $1,450 covers the food expenses for one month (parking, gas, propane, equipment, food storage).

Mobilize Love is a San Francisco-based 501c3 that exists to show up and give kids hope. ML deploys a fleet of outreach trucks to give children access to basic human services. Because they are mobile, ML is uniquely positioned to offer our essential services for people who need it now more than ever.


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